Brotherhood Crusade

Brotherhood Crusade

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audience: California Community Foundation | last updated: 30 August 2017

Mykol Lewis is making a difference and sowing seeds among young men in an effort to build a stronger South L.A. This belief in making our communities better is the trademark of Brotherhood Crusade.

As their director of BLOOM programs, Mykol works with young men who have a lot in common. Many struggle with poverty and family instability. Many were exposed to violence at a young age. All have experienced what it's like to be caught in the system, and all have the potential to escape it. “For every breakdown in life,” Mykol said, “there is an opportunity for a breakthrough.”

For almost 50 years, Brotherhood Crusade has worked to improve the quality of life of disenfranchised and underserved residents and build a strong and healthy future for South L.A. Their strengths-focused approach helps young men succeed in the classroom through academic support and tutoring programs, while mentorship, leadership development and life-skills training help them become empowered and engaged members of the community.

Mykol and Brotherhood Crusade help BLOOMers transition from self to community. Their programming causes young men to self-actualize and reconcile unresolved issues of trauma. They develop the whole person and their community.

Of all their victories, from college enrollment and career success to lasting community commitments, the greatest triumph comes when BLOOMers expand their concept of who they can be. They see a world where they belong, where they can succeed and their futures are wide open.

To learn how you can support BLOOM in transforming the futures of young Black men in Los Angeles County, contact Tammy Johnson at tjohnson [@] calfund [.] org, by phone at (213) 413-4130 ext. 208 or visit

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