College Promise Programs in Los Angeles County Receive Support to Strengthen Student Success

College Promise Programs in Los Angeles County Receive Support to Strengthen Student Success

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Research, technical assistance, philanthropy, advocacy, and business organizations collaborate to launch the Promises That Count initiative aimed at strengthening local College Promise programs and increasing the number of students who earn a college degree or who transfer.


(Los Angeles, April 3, 2018) — The California College Promise Project (CCPP) at WestEd is partnering with Campaign for College Opportunity and UNITE-LA to launch the Los Angeles County Promises That Count initiative. Funded by the California Community Foundation, the three-year initiative focuses on supporting the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of College Promise efforts, with the goal of ensuring stronger academic support and other student services in College Promise programs throughout Los Angeles County.

College Promise programs incentivize college enrollment, persistence, and completion by providing financial, academic, and other support services to students based on where they live or where they attend school. While the financial support from Promise programs is critically important for many students, it is not enough to ensure that they will be able to attain their higher education goals once they enroll in college. Too many California college students do not complete a degree or, in the case of community college students, do not earn a credential or transfer to a four-year institution. Their higher education efforts can be derailed because of an outdated remedial education system, insufficient academic support, or a confusing transfer maze. Key to making the promise count in a College Promise program is a program’s ability to mitigate or eliminate such barriers through academic support; clear, simple, and consistent messaging to students and their families; improved assessment and placement measures; education and career guidance; cohort models, guided pathways, and other support services.

Areas of focus in the Promises That Count initiative include improving cross-sector coordination between education segments and organizations; aligning College Promise programs with existing student support initiatives; initiating and improving just-in-time interventions; strengthening mentoring and tutoring programs; and using data to inform program improvements. Read more

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