Social Justice Learning Institute

Social Justice Learning Institute

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audience: California Community Foundation | last updated: 22 September 2017

When Dr. D'Artagnan Scorza wanted to move the cause of educational equity for young Black men forward, he started by looking back.

D'Artagnan founded the Black Male Youth Academy at his alma mater, Inglewood's Morningside High School, to help young men of color break cycles of recidivism and create opportunities for academic achievement. Through mentorship and a curriculum focused on literacy, personal development and community involvement, students were empowered take control of their own futures.

The transformations he witnessed were inspiring. Youth who entered the program on a path to incarceration emerged as leaders, ready to excel in the classroom and contribute to the community. In 2008, D’Artagnan founded the Social Justice Learning Institute (SJLI) to take this vision to young Black men throughout Los Angeles.

“I began the Social Justice Learning Institute to ensure that young men of color would overcome concentrated disadvantage and thrive as community leaders. Our partnership with the California Community Foundation through the BLOOM initiative is helping us achieve just that,” said D’Artagnan.

Since 2008, SJLI has worked to improve the education, health and well-being of youth and communities of color by empowering them to enact social change through research, training and community mobilization.

In SJLI’s Urban Scholars program, BLOOM youth grow into college-ready leaders through academic and career pathway development, social justice youth development and policy change advocacy to improve their communities.

To D’Artagnan, every graduate is another step forward, another positive force in the lives of those around them. Through BLOOM, SJLI is helping our young men thrive.

To learn how you can support BLOOM in transforming the futures of young Black men in Los Angeles County, contact Tammy Johnson at tjohnson [@] calfund [.] org, by phone at (213) 413-4130 ext. 208 or visit

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