CGNA: Donor Questions | Additional Resources

CGNA: Donor Questions | Additional Resources

Article posted in General on 26 July 2017| comments


Bryan Clontz continues his exploration into great questions to ask donors.

This article is an excerpt from Charitable Gifts of Noncash Assets, a comprehensive guide to illiquid giving by Bryan Clontz, ed. Ryan Raffin. Published by the American College of Financial Services for the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy Program (CAP), with generous funding from Leon L. Levy. For a free digital copy, click here, and to order a bound copy from Amazon, click here.

Below are further details on questions to ask potential donors. This topic is based on Jay Steenhuysen’s, “Philanthropy Planning: What to Say and Do in the Room with your Donors/Clients to Explore and Document the Philanthropy Mission.” For quick take-aways, see Donor Questions | Quick Take-Aways. For an in-depth examination adapted and excerpted from the article, see Identifying Charitable Passions and Noncash Giving Opportunities.

For a discussion of developing ongoing conversations with prospective donors, see Foord, E. and Daniels, J. (2014), “It’s All About Conversing with Donors,” Partnership for Philanthropic Planning, library/92861/1/FoordandDaniels_Final.pdf.

For a discussion of charitable estate planning questions from the financial planner or advisor’s perspective, see Breiteneicher, J. (1996), “Advisor’s Enthusiasm Helps to Shape Client’s Charitable Role,” Trust & Estates, http://'s%20 Enthusiasm%20Helps%20To%20Shape%20Client's%20Charitable%20Role. pdf.

For tips on common gift planning hurdles, see Hays, J. (September 29, 2005), “The 7 Commandments of Planned Giving,” Partnership for Philanthropic Planning, pdf.

For an examination of the relationship between gift planners and professional advisors, see Blakesley, S. and Lampo, J. (Oct. 1, 2005), “What Do You Want From Me? Developing Working Relationships Between Nonprofit Gift Planners and Professional Advisors,” Partnership for Philanthropic Planning,

For analysis of developing blended gift opportunities from the gift officer’s perspective, see Buderus, A.A. and Smith, G.P. (2013), “Blended Gifts, Eh? Making the Most of This Emerging Workhorse for Major & Planned Gift Officers,” Partnership for Philanthropic Planning, library/85123/1/NCPP13_Buderus%2CSmith.pdf.

For an in-depth look at the rationale behind ten key questions for donors, see Brovey, A.P. and Roenigk, P.L. (October 25, 2008), “’How Old Are You and Did You Know You Could…?’ Initiating Planned Gift Discussions and Getting Answers to Key Questions,” Partnership for Philanthropic Planning,

For tips on timing and preparing for the charitable conversation, see Nopar, K. (October 15, 2015), “Don’t Wait; Have the Charitable Conversation with Clients Now,” Financial Advisor Magazine, http://www.fa-mag. com/news/have-the-charitable-conversation-with-clients-now-23499. html?section=40.

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